Christmas Stocking for the Troops

We still need items to stuff in our stocking for the troops! Here are the things we need:10675734_10153714888357342_85346380904818873_n

  • White socks
  • Razors (non-disposable)
  • Power/Protein bars
  • Tuna/salmon in foil bags
  • Portable hand sanitizers
  • Beef jerky
  • Dried fruits
  • Chapsticks
  • Christmas cards (make sure the junior bowler writes the holiday greeting in it)

Pick up a few or a bunch of items and bring them in by Saturday Nov. 14th.

Team Week 8 Recap


Our eighth week of team bowling…

Strike Ball
Justin Mandel – open
Evan Ryan – open

50/50 Winner 
Parent Christine Panza

All junior bowlers get three free games at Paradise Lanes every Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm. No exclusions, no exceptions!

Team Week 6 Recap


Our sixth week of team bowling…

Strike Ball
Anthony Ravitch – Spare! and a breakfast sandwich from Sunset Grill
Jailynn Woodly – open

50/50 Winner
Coach Steve Giacobello

The Bowlers’ Club Fund collected $10.

Don’t forget: next week is our Halloween party. Get your costume ready for the contest!

Team Week 5 Recap


Our fifth week of team bowling…

Strike Ball
Amanda Piscotta – open
Paige Rose – open

The Bowlers’ Club Fund collected $10.

If you know you are going to miss a week of bowling, you can always pre-bowl for that week. Just arrange a time with the center to come in and bowl (Saturday after bowling is usually a good time). Be sure to write down your scores as a back up. Or if you would rather stay digital, take a pic of your scores and email them or upload them in a message (not a post) to the Facebook page.

Bowling Scholarships

420406_10150726357680336_1063121094_nNational USBC offers more ways to earn college scholarships. Check out their USBC Youth scholarships page to for details on the scholarships available. But don’t wait too long, the deadline for most of these scholarships is December 1st.

  • USBC Alberta E. Crowe Star Of Tomorrow
  • USBC Chuck Hall Star Of Tomorrow
  • USBC Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship
  • USBC Annual Zeb Scholarship
  • USBC Youth Ambassador Of The Year
  • USBC Gift For Life Scholarships
  • Dexter All-American Team