Hershey’s Candy Fundraising

Hershey_2_Candy_Fundraising_AssortmentThe fundraising candy has arrived!!

This Saturday, we will be distributing Hershey’s candy assortment boxes. Each box has 30 bars of 4 varieties to be sold at $2.00 per bar.¬†As a bonus, for every six boxes sold, Hershey will give us a free 5 lb bar of chocolate! The more we sell the more that goes into our scholarship fund.


Can I sell more than one box of candy?
Absolutely yes!

How many boxes must I sell?
We ask that you sell at least one box per family.

When is the money due?
Saturday December 19th.

What if I can’t sell all the candy by then?
Just bring the candy back. There is always someone else who can sell it.

All money and unsold candy is due back to us by December 19th. No exceptions!

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