First Round Pepsi Qualifiers

Pepsi-YouthCongratulations to our first round Pepsi Qualifiers!!

Below are our bowlers who qualified for the November Pepsi Qualifier window. Entry forms for the Regional Finals were handed out to the qualifying bowlers on Nov 14th and need to be returned by Nov 28th. Each qualifying bowler must pay $11 to participate in the Regional Finals.

U8 Boys 8 and Under
Amare Ferguson

U10 Boys 9-10
Tywain Montgomery

U10 Girls 9-10
Amaya Hamilton

U12 Boys 11-12
Joseph Panza

U12 Girls 11-12
Paige Rose

U15 Boys 13-15
Isaia Garrison, David Smalls

U15 Girls 13-15
Destiny Washington, Jailynn Woodley

U20 Boys 16-20
Kelvin Oats, James Langley

U20 Girls 16-20
Niara Mitchell

The next qualifier is Feb 6, 2016.  Anyone who missed qualifying this time is eligible for the next qualifier. One out of every three bowlers, in each age group, advance to the next round. The tournament is based on the bowlers’ scratch scores.

The total cost to bowl in the next round, the Regional Finals, is $21.75; the league pays $10.75 and the bowler will pay $11.

The Regional Finals will be held at:

Shell Lanes
1 Bouck Ct.
Brooklyn, NY 11223

on Saturday April 2nd and Sunday April 3rd at 11:30 am and 3:00 pm both days.


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