About the College Bound Junior Bowlers

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The College Bound Junior Bowlers began in 2000 at Bowlerland bowling center in the Bronx, New York under the name of The Bronx-Bombers. Our increasing focus on education through sports fostered a name change. Over the past 14 years, the College Bound Junior Bowlers has evolved into a league promoting the sport of bowling and the future of our young people.

In the beginning…

For several years, Harry Witt, an accomplished bowler with over 20 years of bowling knowledge and experience, ran the junior bowling programs for Brunswick Yonkers Bowl. After Yonkers Bowl closed in the late 1990′s, Harry needed to find a new place to coach. This set the wheels in motion. In 1999, Harry relocated to Bowlerland in the Bronx, N.Y. The league was called the Bronx-Bombers. At Bowlerland, Harry continued his coaching and league program. During the 1999-2000 season, Harry met Vincent Yesenosky, an uncle to one of the league’s junior bowlers. Vince assisted Harry with setting up the league operations, by taking on the league’s Secretary duties. Towards the end of the 2000-2001 season, Harry met Ona Wood, a novice to bowling. After a summer together, Harry proposed. Harry and Ona not only started a new life together, but they also started the new bowling season together in September 2001. Following the events of September 11th, Harry and Ona changed the name of the Bronx-Bombers league to the College Bound Junior Bowlers. Since that time, the CBJB has fulfilled Harry’s dream to offer college scholarships to junior bowlers for their participation. Harry and Ona dedicated themselves to the CBJB program. With this dedication, the CBJB began to flourish and junior bowling would never be the same…

Since 1999, the College Bound Junior Bowlers league has awarded more than $50,000 to our junior bowlers in the form of college scholarships.

Current Coaches

  • Steven Giacobello, C.E.O. and  Preps coach
  • Angelo Corradino, President 
  • Sandra GiacobelloVice President, Event Coordinator, and Preps coach
  • Vincent YesenoskyLeague Secretary and head coach
  • Chris ThomasTreasurer and Grads’ coach
  • Marta YesenoskyEvent Supplier
  • Phil KwartlerDirector and Undergrads’ coach
  • Jeanette KwartlerDirector and 50/50 lady
  • Regina Ward, Parent, coach, and communications coordinator
  • Nick Panza, Parent and Undergrads’ coach